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Participatory performance facilitated by movement artist Pritha K. The artist bridges the gap between the facilitator and the visitor, inviting all participants to find their way on stage and explore the vulnerability of the spotlight.

"In this transformative exploration, I aim to craft a participatory performance that delves into the intricate tapestry of my relationship with the act of performing itself. To confront the nuances of my struggles with articulating my voice on stage, unravelling the layers of self-expectations and breaking down the conventional boundaries between audience and performer.

Within this introspective odyssey, I aim to unravel the demons that haunt my artistic pursuits, drawing connections to the intricacies of my past experiences and the diverse individuals who have left an indelible mark on my journey. An honest exploration of neurodivergence and a critical examination of my own gaze on performance form pivotal chapters in this journey of self-actualization.

Ultimately, this performance is conceived as a transformative passage towards healing, a platform to reframe my relationship with the stage and the choreographed pieces that once defined my artistic expression. Through the intimate sharing of my autobiography, I aspire to create an atmosphere where shared vulnerabilities converge, fostering connection, understanding, and perhaps, a collective sense of artistic nourishment."

Concept, Dramaturgy, Facilitation, Narration

Pritha K.

Producer, Organizer

Ruta Petrauskaite

Assistant Producer

Aman Prasad


Michael Wall, Olafur Arnalds

Developed with support from

Kaunas 3022 Culture Moves Europe Residency

Special Thanks To

Ignas, Juste, Adomas, Gytis, Povilas, Augustas

and all members of Kaunas 3022 Collective,

Gary Markle, Zan Hoffman, Arnis, VDU Teatras,

Participants of research workshops at VDU Teatras,



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