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A participatory, locative project co-designed with marginalized island communities living in ecologically-fragile regions. Delta Lives aims to co-create a space to voice the often forgotten and misrepresented cultural identities and practices of communities. and connect them with culturally-invested global stakeholders.

Delta Lives simultaneously narrates and creates stories. We researched processes of community engagement to facilitate creative and visual thinking in communities and co-create an accessible and equitable space where the communities can develop and express their identities in a digital world. Having been invested in the work between Feb 2021 to July 2022, I have been priviledged to be a co-ideator and researcher in the process of its development. It was a transformative journey from co-creating funding proposals to designing and facilitating community engagement processes, developing visual storytelling media, participating in the web design!

Navigate the Delta space and meet the communities and the whole team @



Find the team of over 30 individuals who help breathe life into this project here:


Codes, Creativity, Community (C3) Fellowship by Goethe Institute

Pritha additionally supported by WE Program

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