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A movement film exploring the journey of discovering the conflicted dualities that exist within us, embracing it, and letting it drive us. Created in remote collaboration with movement artist and composer, Seirian Griffiths and movement and visual artist Lauren Ablett.

A research into movement narratives through interaction of texture and camera, this film is based on one phrase repeated three times creating three parts of the story. We explore the dualities within us, what triggers their expression, and how we escape it or embrace it. Made during the first part of the pandemic lockdown in 2020, Seirian and Lauren filmed this within the confines of their house campus. Created when Pritha and Seirian met during a digital intensive by Jacob Jonas The Company, it premiered at their digital festival in July 2020.



Direction, Choreography, Editing: Pritha K., Seirian Griffiths

Concept: Pritha K., Seirian Griffiths, Aman Prasad

Performance: Seirian Griffiths

Videography: Lauren Ablett

Musical Composition: Serian Griffiths


Self-funded work in collaboration with amazingly supporting artists.

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