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The tendency of a particle to stay in its state of rest or of motion unless acted upon by an external force - that's the physical concept of Inertia. This film is a creative exploration of inertia in the state of our movement, mind, and environment.

Shot within the house they were confined to during the lockdown, it reflects the dynamic journeys of the states of mind of two artists reflected in their movements. The film is a research into dance on camera and movement storytelling.

A part of the film was the first ever dance film I created - 45 seconds shot, edited, and created win 45 minutes. It started out as an exploration of movements in space and how the camera changes the perspective and texture of a movement.



Concept, performance, choreography, videography: Pritha K. and Aman Prasad

Editing: PRitha K.

Original Sound: Michael Wall

Based on prompts by Jacob Jonas The Company


Self-funded work.

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