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Drawing from Pritha's embodied experiences in the last two years of the global pandemic, this film is set within the ever-constant confines of a room, and it the explores the psychological state of inertia in movements which develops into a choreographic piece. How does one get out of this and build resilience to begin again?

We live amongst constant change. In ecological jargon, resilience in living systems is the ability to come back to a stable state post-perturbation/change; this ability varies for different systems. But what happens when you are stuck in a state of psychological inertia? A place where your mind and body does not adapt/want to change. You are stuck in a loop of your thoughts and movement. Can someone build / find resilience in this state?

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Performance, Direction, Editing: Pritha K. 

Concept: Pritha K., Aman Prasad

Poem and song: Aman Prasad

Original Music: Michael Wall

Videography: Dhruv Lal


Begin Again Grant

by World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific

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