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Would things pan out differently if one could rewind to the beginning? Developed by Pritha and Anushka within the confines of their homes during the pandemic, Weighted is a journey about choices between the path we are supposed to walk, the path we can choose to walk, and whether we choose to carry the weight of those choices with us; it is inspired by the resilience of nature that withstands fires and storms to flourish time and again and seeks to find that resilience within the human psyche. It is an auto-drama drawing from Pritha’s personal struggles to stand up for who she is, choosing to walk the less-travelled paths, and learning to live with those choices.

Developed as an independent, self-funded project, this film was shot with one 50mm lens in confined spaces without any stabilizers for dynamic shots. This is a case where logistic constraints and narrative fed back on each other to evolve into the final film.



Performance, Direction,  Choreography, Editing

Pritha Kundu


Pritha Kundu and Anushka Chowdhury

Original Music

Michael Wall


Self-funded work premiered at Dance on Camera Festival, Lincoln Centre, NY as a #mydancefilm50 winner

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